Teddy Bear Picnic is a Christian based, non-denominational childcare where each child is accepted and valued as a unique “one of a kind” creation of God. As such, we strive to provide individualized care and learning opportunities in a warm, home like setting, which we think, is the optimal environment to promote both social and cognitive learning skills.

These early years are far too short; therefore, one of our most important objectives is to help your child build carefree and happy childhood memories. Infants and toddlers receive lots of cuddling, gentle playtime and timely attention to diapering/feeding needs. We respond to periods of “fussiness” or discomfort promptly and urge you to call as often as you wish to assure yourself that your little one’s needs are being met. We will always call you if we suspect your child may be getting ill or needs to see the pediatrician.